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Capital Investments is a Real Estate Investment organization established to interact with three distinct constituencies: Real Estate products, Capital Agencies, Communities and other Stakeholders.  We pursue Real Estate projects based on targeted ROI’s while delivering value to all Stakeholders.

The process begins with a selected vision for identified projects with an in-depth study of attractive gains, assiduously protected by due diligence and detailed comprehensive risk analysis.

Constituency One – Real Estate Products

  1. Direct property investment
  2. Land purchase


Constituency Two - Stakeholders

  1. Personal Investors and IRA’s
  2. Neighborhoods and Communities served
  3. Stakeholders from various groups


Constituency Three – Capital Agencies

  1. Direct Loans - Banks, Insurance Companies, and Pension Funds
  2. Other financial instruments – e.g. Bonds, CMBS, Syndication, Participation Packages, Investment Partnerships, and Crowd Funding. 


Real Estate Products

The process begins with a shared vision by our team to identify strategically located properties. 

The secondary analysis identifies associated costs and barriers to successful completion of the proposed transaction.

Next, the team develops pro forma revenue streams from all related sources.

A matching process of revenues versus costs identifies suitable candidates for in-depth financial analyses.

After the development of the property has been completed, Capital Investments will continuously monitor the stabilization and performance of the businesses to ensure target yield goals are met.


Neighborhoods and Communities served – new growth, community development, and opportunities.

Personal Investors including IRA’s – above average returns with security.

Various stakeholders including – neighborhood organizations, local and state governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other community interest groups.



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