A Simple Process to Build Your Wealth Through

Investing in Institutional Quality Real Estate

Available to the Everyday Investor

You Can Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever wanted to own high quality real estate, but thought it was out of your realm of possibility?

The JOBS Act gives individuals the opportunity to pool their investments with other investors. The effect of pooled investments allows individuals to own shares of investment grade commercial real estate and receive the benefits but avoid the daily hassles of property management and day to day operational issues.

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Capital Investments (C.I.) Offers Two Investment Strategies

New Development

C.I. provides an investment fund along with financial leverage for the development of retail properties. This fund provides a higher rate of return and a shorter investment term.

Income Producing Properties

C.I. also provides an investment fund to purchase existing high-quality real estate. The goal of these investments are to provide long-term cash flow, thus a longer investment term.

"Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate."
- Andrew Carnegie